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Smart Accounting Solutions is a full-service tax preparation and accounting firm that has been serving the Athens and Oconee areas since 2007, providing affordable, high-end accounting services to our community.

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SMART Tax Appointment Checklist

Can’t remember what all you need to get together for your taxes? Look no further than the greatest tax appointment checklist in the history of checklists…


A successful strategy starts with the foundation: if your venture is built on unplanned or poorly managed finances, that’s a guarantee you’ll run into a lot of future headaches. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re an individual, you’re running a business, or you’d like input on your current or future projects, we can give you the advice and foresight you need to make sure your financial foundation is solid.

Don’t take a chance with your finances.


Surviving as a small business in an unpredictable economy requires a careful balance of your resources and assets. At Smart Accounting Solutions, we can help you manage things like bookkeeping, payroll, and the taxes you pay, and ensure your business is both maximally profitable and also compliant with IRS requirements. We’ll take care of the books, you can get back to running your business.


At Smart Accounting Solutions, our clients are always our highest priority. Whether you need help with filing taxes, planning an estate, or projecting your future income taxes, we’ll create cost-effective, personalized strategies that are tailored exactly to your specific needs.


Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to evaluate your existing finances, or working toward building a budget, we’ll give you the expert insight you need to prime your venture for financial success. We can consult you on virtually anything related to finances or financial planning, so contact us with your questions!

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